growing leaders

What Is Love leadership retreat series for teens.

Are you interested in improving your school climate?


Growing Leaders prepares the emerging generation to step up and lead, providing a creative space and supportive tools to put your school climate-changing ideas into action.

Using the latest research and expert guest speakers, we equip students with real-life skills they can take with them into adulthood.

Each year, a cohort of diverse students is selected to build a safe and trusting community of peers committed to

  1. caring deeply,
  2. thinking creativity,
  3. developing an innovative campaign,
  4. putting their ideas into action.


  • We are looking for up to 20 diverse students committed to change.
  • Incoming 8th-12th & Undergraduate college student can apply
  • Teens willing to make a 1 Year Commitment - meet 3 weekends a year


  • Opportunity to learn how to lead a movement.
  • Students receive community service hours or a stipend for their participation.
  • Outdoor retreat experience
  • The perfect resume or college application community engagement


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You are not alone.
It is not your fault.

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Call 866.331.9474 to speak with a trained LoveisRespect peer advocate for support for yourself or a loved one.

Call 800.799.7233 National Domestic Violence 24/7 hotline to talk to an expert for support for yourself or a loved one.

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