What Is Love can help mobilize a city-wide initiative in which a multitude of city agencies and organizations are engaged in promoting healthy abuse-free relationships.



Advocacy & Policy

Unhealthy relationship dynamics in this media-driven dating landscape, political leaders, celebrities, and athletes who brag about sexual assault, the cycle of generational violence, and a profound lack of awareness are major barriers to ending relationship violence.

What is Love convenes conversations about these barriers through a restorative approach providing an opportunity for students, parents, educators and legislators to work together in establishing policy change that supports, respectful, responsible, healthy relationships.

Advocacy & Policy... What is Love objectives are [1] to listen to concerns [2] create a space for empathy [3] action plan [4] connect families to resources, and [5] build a movement that has the ability to create lasting change

Youth Social Innovation


What is Love inspires the new generation of technology-oriented youth to invest their entrepreneurial brain power to end teen relationship violence.

  • to teach young leaders to use innovation and technology to tackle relationship violence
  • to present a wide spectrum of social challenges to ending this type of violence, and share effective strategies and innovative methods to solve them
  • to provide the youth with an awareness of and exposure to social entrepreneurship
  • to encourage them to explore using technology as a vehicle that can help in solving this BIG issue
  • to connect the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators, activists, philanthropists, impact investors, and innovators for an effective collaboration on the visionary tasks.

Community Approach: Mobilizing Our Whole Community To Promote Healthy Relationships

  • A proposed city-wide initiative working towards a future in which a multitude of city agencies and organizations are engaged in promoting healthy relationships as a critical component of ending relationship violence. Prevention must be more than a yearly ceremonial proclamation or a series of one hour school-based presentations or a single event-only focus.
  • It’s finding new innovative ways to engage our entire community and empowering them to be part of this much needed social change. Mobilizing our entire community involves developing unified awareness materials, implementing prevention education strategies that target change in individuals, as well as the community and society.
  • Community-driven prevention strategies include educating our diverse community, building support among key stakeholders for prevention efforts, connecting youth and families to programs that strengthen social networks, and providing partner organizations and allies with tools, messages and campaigns to promote healthy relationships.
    Community mobilizing strategies hold the potential for transforming those social norms and structures that are the root causes of relationship violence.
  • Awareness - Providing partner organizations and allies with unified tools, messages and campaigns to increase awareness, knowledge and attitudes about healthy relationships.
  • Policy - Clearly communicating to the entire community that abuse in an intimate relationship is never acceptable.
  • Education - Educating City and School Staff plus community partners about healthy relationships and dating abuse prevention, identification with healing centered engagement.
  • Fostering a community culture of "upstanders" instead of bystanders. A community who looks after each other to ensure safety and connection to resources.
  • Parent engagement - Ensuring parents understand the critical role they play as influencer's in promoting healthy relationships and preventing dating abuse.
  • Referrals - Providing mental wellness support and appropriate referrals for teens and families who have experienced abuse or who are contributing to the abuse.
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