What Is Love provides a curriculum for high school health classes.




What is Love's research-based health class curriculum is designed to be a component of your comprehensive sexual health education program.

  • Grades 9th-12th 
  • 6 (50MIN) Lesson plans
  • Integrates into existing content
  • Individual and group interactive activities
  • Customizable Google Doc Sheets
  • Comprehensive educator guide
  • Digitized assessment
  • California Health Education NEW Framework Compliant
  • California Healthy Youth Act Compliant
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Dr. Lauren Reed, Arizona State University. Independent Evaluation Expert



Independent Evaluation Results of the What is Love curriculum if followed with fidelity...

  • Increased ability to identify healthy and unhealthy relationship behavior
  • Increase in social-emotional strengths
  • Increase in classroom climate
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved healthy relationship skills
  • Increase in students’ ability to ask for help



Our What is Love team can provide a teacher training or be hired to co-teach in the classroom to utilize our researched curriculum. What is Love's curriculum supports the new California Healthy Youth Act and NEW framework requirements for health classes.

Helping students talk about and learn about dating abuse is a challenging topic because it has been extremely normalized in society and at the same time, inherently private. Most teens do not talk about their relationships with adults. This is why it is critical to create an atmosphere of safety and model vulnerability.

We encourage teaching staff to share their story first, and take an emotional risk by being more vulnerable, honest, and open about unhealthy relationships. This process creates an empathy exchange between the teacher, and the student which is the foundation for creating a safe space to explore this difficult topic. It also strengthens emotional literacy which allows youth to discuss the complexity of their feelings.

When What is Love’s curriculum is followed with fidelity, students will be able to

  • understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy dating behavior
  • identify and avoid abusive dating 
  • increase their social emotional strengths
  • strengthen their healthy relationship skills
  • ask an adult for help
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