February is National Teen Dating Violence Prevention Awareness Month

In honor of National Teen Dating Violence Prevention Awareness Month, teens have been taught about love.

Christy Haynes has been teaching students at area high schools during a program called “What Is Love.”

A six-week workshop wrapped up at the Faulkner Gallery inside the Santa Barbara Library Monday night.

Haynes invited college students from UCSB and Westmont to mentor teens.

They say abuse isn’t just physical and verbal– it is digital as well.

Teens have noticed a spike in revenge photos and hateful words posted on social media.

Haynes said parents should look out for dropping grades and truancy. She said those could be red flags relating to an unhealthy relationship.

She also said more than 70 percent seventh graders have already experienced some kind of relationship.

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Source: http://www.keyt.com/news/teens-learn-about-healthy-relationships/31440470