Youth Leaders from each diverse group on campus are nominated by school staff to apply for the Peer Educator/Leadership training. Teens care deeply about their friends and their relationships. They hold the key to promoting healthy relationships, bringing awareness to abusive relationship behaviors, and creating lasting change. What is LOVE Educators meet weekly to support youth leaders in the planning and implementation of school-wide projects aimed at bringing awareness and education to the school community.

Peer Educators will be prepared to:

  • Present 20-Minute Classroom presentations

  • Facilitate outreach events

  • Participate in All-School Awareness project

  • Write and direct public service announcements for school Video Report

  • Conduct Letter-writing campaigns

  • Organize Community walks

  • Participate in Art-driven activism

  • Complete Journalism assignments/Legislative and school-based advocacy

The  training conforms to the National Standards for Health Education set by the Centers for Disease Control and NEW Title IX requirements. We also employ the mentoring, youth development and asset building principles created by the Search Institute of Minnesota, National Youth Leadership Council and Department of Education.