Dr. Lauren Reed-Independent Evaluation, Professor University of Arizona

Dr. Reed specializes in designing and implementing research evaluations for community and school based programs working to prevent dating violence. Lauren and her University of Arizona research team will lead the next phase of our independent evaluation project to move the What is LOVE curriculum closer to an evidence-based program. Dr. Reed received her Ph.D. in Social Work and Developmental Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2015.

Dr. Reed is a member of The International Center for School-Based Youth Development, a community of researchers devoted to developing a better understanding of the ecological influences affecting children’s lives and that promotes academic, social, emotional, and physical well-being. The iCSBYD engages in research that informs educators how to enhance school engagement and thereby promote all students social, emotional, and academic competence.

DrSharkey_Nov2010Dr. Jill Sharkey

INDEPENDENT Evaluation Partner, University of California, Santa Barbara

The first phase of evaluation of the What is LOVE program began in earnest with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2013. Through the UCSB-Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, Dr. Jill Sharkey and Dr. Lauren Reed conducted an independent evaluation of the What is LOVE program during the 2014-2016 school years in each of the three Santa Barbara Unified School District high schools. UCSB employed a rigorous and robust study design including: random assignment for control-intervention, pre-post survey data, student participant interviews, fidelity, educator training and supervision analysis and educator focus group interviews.

The UCSB research team found significant improvements in dating violence knowledge and awareness of resources for help. Results of the evaluation were promising overall. Students and staff highly recommend the program and are enthusiastic to learn more about relationship violence prevention. Dr. Sharkey and Dr. Reed concludes, “What is LOVE is a promising program that warrants further research”.


Andrew Gil M.A. Educational Counseling

What is LOVE Curriculum Development Advisor & City College  Counselor

Andrew is committed to helping youth succeed academically and socially. While attending UC Berkeley (Cal) Andrew was heavily involved with Cal Athletics and IM Sports and spent most of his time mentoring and coaching youth in Oakland, California. He leads the What is LOVE 6-week workshops and excels in working with young male athletes. As a member of our Curriculum Development advisory team, his experience as a counselor, coach, and mentor is essential in bringing awareness to healthy dating relationships.


Briana Conway MBA

What is LOVE Program Advisor, Director UCSB Women’s CEnter & CARE Program

Since 2010, Briana has worked with survivors of relationship violence. She joined the CARE team in winter 2014. She has worked with over 200 survivors of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking. Prior to joining the UCSB team, she worked as a Victim Advocate in Connecticut with a State Wide Coalition, serving survivors and their families. She is committed to ending relationship violence in our community and has worked closely with community-based organizations that are dedicated to early primary prevention.

What is LOVE began its partnership with UCSB Women’s Center in 2013 to recruit psychology and sociology students interested in working in the relationship violence prevention field. Interns participate in a 40-hour intensive training to conduct classroom presentations, lead teen workshops, and help manage teen-led awareness campaigns. Interns receive course credit and are supervised weekly by Christy Stillwell M.A. Psy.


Tony Knott M.A.

What is LOVE Website Development Advisor & Freelance Writer / Director/ Producer

Tony brings years of creative experience to our advisory team. He specializes in building and managing teams to produce web-content, commercials, music videos and films for independent and corporate clients. He is passionate about stories that focus on interpersonal relationships and touch on universal themes of love, loss, forgiveness, and healing. Tony will be supporting our branding and outreach efforts with new advertising and marketing campaigns for local, regional and national exposure. He specializes in producing B2B copy, web-copy, press releases, newsletters, graphics, events, & marketing – to execute the timely delivery of content.


Catherine Steininger, M.A. Psy

What is LOVE Social media/graphic/website design consultant

Catherine creates Wil’s print and web material, advertising and marketing campaigns, manages all social media outputs, press releases, newsletters, graphics, and events. 


Claudette Roehrig MA MFT

What is LOVE Advisory President

Claudette leads our advisory team and philanthropy development team., and was the former Board President of Domestic Violence Solutions. She earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute. Her studies and training led her to work with clients experiencing intimate partner violence. She excels in connecting impassioned people who share beliefs and values with organizations working to end relationship violence in our community. Claudette brings her years of experience to What is LOVE to support the development of a sound business strategy, which will lead to significant growth in school districts across the United States.


Jennifer SteinwertzelJennifer Steinwertzel

What is LOVE Programming and Development Advisor, Founder Stoneroot

Jennifer Steinwertzel leads our programming and development team. She is a passionate educator, writer and health coach committed to supporting youth in their journey to find comfort in their skin. It took Jenn a long time to first, get the help that she needed and to second, realize that stumbling in life can be our greatest gift leading us to our truest self and our deepest work in this world. She believes if we can be brave enough to turn towards where we stumble, we can succeed.


Suzanne Austin

What is LOVE Fund Development Advisor & Operations-Program Services at AB Research

Suzanne utilizes her more than 20 years of experience in project management of business & operations systems and program leadership to lead our Fund Development advisory team. Her industry experience includes product engineering, software engineering, telecommunications, networking, medical systems, and education. She is a passionate advocate for children, civil rights, social action, poverty alleviation, economic empowerment and education. Suzanne has a special gift of bringing like-minded people together to create social change and action.