Group of young boys and girls looking on cellphone

We are on a mission to END teen relationship violence

Working directly with teens, parents, educators and policymakers at schools throughout the United States, What is LOVE is on a mission to help teens identify abusive love, and to discover and build healthy, loving relationships.

Unique Approach

Relationship violence is very complicated and layered. We know that lasting meaningful change will not happen overnight, and we recognize that budgets are tight at our schools, community and government levels. However, inaction is not an option- not when millions of children are affected by relationship violence each year. We know what works. We know that these investments will save money and will prevent many teens from experiencing violence in their intimate relationships.

A profound culture shift has to take place. To begin this culture shift, we believe in the power of systemic change through awareness, education, and advocacy. But we believe it must begin with mobilizing our students, parents, school staff and policymakers to strengthen their voices, and to support their ability to advocate for change. Real change that gives families and youth the ability to live happy abuse-free lives.

This includes;

  • Organizing public awareness

  • Making sure that all children who have been exposed to violence gets help early.

  • Supporting programs in schools and communities to give our youth the tools needed for healthy relationships.

  • Growing a community of educators and advocates to promote healthy relationships

  • Advocating for policies and legislation that prevent violence, support healthy children and families and help survivors heal and thrive.