Christy Haynes-Stillwell M.A. Psy., founder & executive director

I am on a mission to end relationship violence in our schools. I grew up in a violent home and learned firsthand how this violence would affect my ability to finish high school, pick healthy dating partners, and complete college. With help from my loving grandmother and a passionate educator, I found my voice and courage to start a long journey to understand how I could make a difference in helping teens discover and explore healthy, loving abuse-free relationships. The What is LOVE program is a culmination of twenty years of working with youth throughout the state of California in schools, community organizations and with youth who are incarcerated. I have learned how confused our youth are about healthy dating, how important their voice is in creating positive change, and how the power of one adult listening deeply to a young person can lead them to ask for help.

I am deeply passionate about What is LOVE and want to have a meaningful impact on as many teens as possible. Our young people have the passion and desire to create positive social change in our schools and in our communities. To support this change, we need advocates, parents, school staff, policymakers and pure teen grit to interrupt the cycle of intimate partner violence to create space for beautiful healthy LOVE.

xo Christy

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