Partnering with Impact Hub

What is LOVE, a YouthWell Coalition member is happy to partner with Impact Hub for 17 AGAIN • A community conversation about teen mental health today – a mental wellness night providing parents and our community with tools and resources to support youth. Discover what it is like to be in high school today, and to learn more about how teen mental health affects EVERYONE. This interactive night will feature a panel of experienced community professionals who will provide you with tangible tools on how to talk to someone who is struggling, what relevant warning signs to look out for, how to take care of yourself, and what resources are offered in Santa Barbara.

In community,


Parent Community meeting


The Santa Barbara Public Library hosted a Parent-Teen Workshop about the show Thirteen Reasons Why on September 27th  and October 4th. The show candidly discusses teen suicide, dating violence, sexual assault and bullying. It paints an accurate if disturbing picture of some aspects of teenage life. See the the parent and teen responses to, “How can we support you better?”