When should Parents start talking to their Teen about dating?

Although as many as 72% of 7th graders report they are dating, and ONE in THREE have reported experiencing dating abuse, the majority of parents are unaware of the problem. When parents talk to their teens about healthy relationships, they help protect them from experiencing dating abuse, and middle school is the right time to start having this important conversation. Even as young teens are moving towards stronger peer influence, they are still observing and listening to their parents.


MTLGGazTa copy Excessive Texting

MTLGGazTa copy Depression or anxiety

MTLGGazTa copy Stops activities they enjoy

MTLGGazTa copy Dating partner is extremely jealous and possessive

MTLGGazTa copy Dressing differently

MTLGGazTa copy Stops spending time with friends

MTLGGazTa copy Decrease in grades & attendance




  • How are things going?

  • What are your friends’ dating relationships like?

  • Why do you think someone would abuse someone they cared about?

  • Why would they stay in an unhealthy relationship?

  • How do you know a relationship is healthy?

  • What could you do if one of your friends is being abused by their dating partner?

  • How is your relationship going?


5 Things You can Do

 Get the Facts

Know the warning signs and how to identify abusive relationships.

2 Talk About Healthy Relationships

Talk with your teens. Your family. Your friends. Your neighbors and your schools.

3 Speak Out

Ask your school, media partners, and community organizers to raise awareness.

 4 Use Social Media

Join OUR #teachLOVE conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram to help promote our prevention efforts

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5 Call today & Financially Support Us

Call you school principal and district superintendent and share why you think What is LOVE prevention programs at each high school should be a priority. We can help you reach your school by contacting us at info@whatisloveteens.org. Our schools need your financial support to bring this vital programming to each campus.

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