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PRESS RELEASE! (January 2016)

Verizon Foundation grants What is LOVE $10,000 Foundation partnership a critical factor in program’s success. What is LOVE, a non-profit organization, has a proven curriculum providing community schools essential dating violence prevention.

What Is LOVE, is pleased to announce receiving a $10,000 grant from Verizon Foundation. Heidi Flato, Public Relations | Pacific Market for Verizon , said, “Verizon supports the work of nonprofits such as, What is LOVE, as they strive to improve the communities where our employees work and live. Together, we can help our youth learn about healthy relationships and how to prevent violence”.

“One in three teens in the Santa Barbara County report experiencing physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and digital abuse from a dating partner and most dating abuse happens in our schools,” says Christy Haynes MA, Psy, Founder & Director of Prevention for What is LOVE. “This generous grant from Verizon will help sustain our life-saving educational programs”.

Haynes adds, “Dating abuse prevention is not an easy topic to teach, and many educators don’t know where to start. That’s where What is LOVE can help. We have a variety of proven programs and materials that can be implemented in all school settings. We can train school administrators and staff, we offer workshops for parents, and we provide community outreach materials to help teens throughout the country.”

What is LOVE has been actively providing educational school-based programs for more than two decades, and has partnered with educators in Santa Barbara County and researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara to measure the program’s effectiveness. Since 2009, the What is LOVE program has reached 33,292 teens:

What is LOVE, Ready to Help California Schools with New Law 96% reported an increased knowledge and understanding of dating violence 82% reported they know how to find resources and would get help for an abusive relationships which has led to a 300% increase in teens asking for help. Educators who are interested in learning more about educating adolescents on dating violence prevention are invited to learn more at

About Verizon Foundation
For more than a decade, Verizon , through its various business units and its philanthropic foundation , has been a champion of ending domestic violence. Verizon supports a broad range of programs that include: training health care practitioners and first responders about screening for signs of abuse; engaging men as role models and advocates for prevention; educating teens about preventing dating violence ; and providing resources for domestic prevention organizations and survivors.

Christy Haynes, Founder